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This view attempts to find potential drugs for a disease outcome via SNPs that influence causal risk factors for that outcome. For a given disease we find potential causal risk factors. For each of those risk factors we take robustly associated genetic variants and map those to gene (this is currently just a physical distance mapping). Drugs that target the products of those genes are then identified using data from Open Targets.

Data sources

  • Gene to drug mappings are taken from Open Targets using their API
  • Causal estimates are from MR-EvE (Hemani et al, Automating Mendelian randomization through machine learning to construct a putative causal map of the human phenome, bioRxiv 10.1101/173682)
  • SNP-trait assocaitions are from the IEU GWAS database

How to use

Enter your disease outcome in the Disease trait text box, use the slider to select a p-value threshold for the strength of MR causal evidence, then click Search.

Top results are presented in the Network plot tab, with full results searchable in the Table tab. The Query tab provides information to enable you to download full results using the API.