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This is a pilot view to explore the potential of pathway data to inform us about groups of SNPs that may share pleiotropic relationships. For a trait we identify all SNPs that can be mapped to genes/proteins, and from those genes/proteins we look for common pathways.

Data sources

  • Gene/protein to pathway mappings from Reactome
  • MR estimates from MR-EvE (Hemani et al, Automating Mendelian randomization through machine learning to construct a putative causal map of the human phenome, bioRxiv 10.1101/173682)
  • SNP-trait assocaitions are from the IEU GWAS database

How to use

Enter the trait you are interested in, the p-value threshold you want to use, then press "Search". You can adjust the slider and press Search again to update the results.

View the top results in the Network plot tab, access and search the full results in the Table tab, or use the Query tab to find out how to download data using the API.